The goal of Monkey Scripts is to help people using Apple products protect their privacy and security.  In this world where security breaches by major corporations are daily news, we want to help people be as safe and secure on the internet as possible.


We do not aim to prevent the NSA or FBI from being able to get your data.  That would involve a level of operational security that is simply too burdensome for most people.


No, we want to show people how to protect themselves in the more common, day-to-day stuff we all do like when we log into a public wifi hotspot.


Unfortunately, if you go out there on the wilds of the internet, so much of the information available is overly complex and confusing.  Ironically, this makes people less likely to implement any security procedures which leaves them easy targets of even the most novice of hackers.


We wanted to distill things down to what is important.  Digital security is a lot like physical security, in the sense that unless you are being specifically targeted by a sophisticated attacker, simply making things difficult for the hacker is usually enough to protect yourself.  If everyone in your neighborhood leaves their doors unlocked and you lock your door, most thieves are going to ignore your house and pick an easier target.


In fact, most hackers are not very sophisticated and are easily thwarted by taking very basic and simple precautions.


That’s where Monkey Scripts steps in.  We want to educate people on implementing the basic privacy and security precautions that will stop the most common types of attacks so people can go about their digital lives.